Of course, we are always hiring! We look for ladies who are attractive, intelligent, confident and have out-going personalities. Being an escort is much more than just being a beautiful girl. An escort should:


  • Know how to carry herself with class in an array of different social settings

  • Always show kindness, politeness, and proper manners 

  • Be responsible, reliable, honest and trustworthy

  • Be self-motivated to work 

  • Have her own vehicle (drivers are not permitted)

  • Be available during late night hours

  • Familiarize herself with each city's ordinances and local laws for escorting


We are a fully licensed agency.  It is required by law, that all agencies and escorts be licensed in the City of Phoenix, City of Scottsdale (COS),City of Tempe, City of Mesa and the City of Chandler.  


Any escort working in these cities without an escort license, may face penalties which could include a fine and/or jail, depending on each city's ordinances.  


Any female hired as an escort, must familiarize herself with each city's ordinances and local laws for escorting.  Any violation may result in revocation of her license.  Paperwork, contracts and copies of the ordinances shall be provided by the City and the Escort Service. 


Employment Qualifications:

  • Must be at least 18 years of age (we prefer 21, but exceptions can be made.)

  • Must have a current driver's license and her own car

  • Must meet qualifications required to obtain an escort license or permit from the           City of Phoenix and the City of Scottsdale.